AlphaTrust provides by far the most flexible and extensible electronic signature and document process workflow structure available on the market. Download our electronic signature platform selection guide and see if AlphaTrust is right for you.

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AlphaTrust was founded with the mission is to eliminate every need to process paperwork on paper driving significant competitive advantages and efficiencies for our customers. Since 1998 we’ve assisted enterprise customers globally to automate their paperwork with key capabilities such as electronic signature, approvals, acknowledgements, form and document collection, and secure document delivery.   These capabilities are delivered with the most robust and flexible workflow processing capabilities available in the market.

From the simplistic to the most complex workflows, our transaction processing features and optional steps allow you to create the absolute optimal customer experience to meet your many use cases. Click here or on the image below to learn how flexible our workflow can be.

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Figure 1. eSignature Workflow Summary

All PRONTOSign™ workflows center around the unit of work called the “transaction”. Each transaction in PRONTOSign™ may have one or many documents associated with it. Each document may have one or many tasks to be performed by one or many participants associated with the documents. Participants can perform tasks such as entering form data, uploading a file, acknowledging a disclosure, reviewing, initialing or signing a document, among many others.  In addition to transaction processing, PRONTOSign™ also supports administrative functions for user management, security, monitoring, reporting, logging, and accounting.  For more information about transactions and how they are processed, download our product brief entitled PRONTOSign™ Transaction Processing.

AlphaTrust provides the most cost effective and highest performance electronic signature process automation solutions available.  Call us at +, option 1, or click on the link below and fill out the brief form with a few details and let us show you how we can help you.

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