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AlphaTrust is a global leader in electronic signature workflow orchestration solutions. We are trusted by some of the largest enterprise and technology service provider companies worldwide.


Electronic signature is a wonderful capability, but getting work done means more than just stamping signatures on documents. Truly automating your work means dealing with how documents are created, how users are authenticated to your transactions, how data is captured and validated, how compliance rules are followed, how signatures are captured, and how documents and data flow after signing.

Today most eSignature services are ad-hoc or template-based. Ad-hoc signing, where a document is uploaded, tagged, and sent for signature is a nice improvement over scanning and emailing documents. This method was effective 10 years ago. But it's still a manual process, just with less physical paper handling. The next improvement was templates. Using templates, you could save your tagged documents to send repeatedly. This saves a few steps but you still have a semi-manual process and each user must create templates correctly.

A Better Way

For organizations that need to process documents for signature, approval, data collection, and/or secure delivery PRONTOSignTM offers a better way. PRONTOSignTM is workflow-based. Using either our online workflow tools or our easy to use APIs you can create true end-to-end document workflow processes that handle the full job of getting your documents completed and ready for operational action.

Flexibility is Key

PRONTOSignTM allows you to orchestrate workflow ranging from simple present-and-sign tasks to multi-document, multi-party transactions with varied rules for different participants. PRONTOSignTM is fully customizable. Every aspect of the user experience can be tailored to your exact requirements - layout, size, color, custom text, and language. Signature areas fully support independent placement of standard signature items (signature, printed name, title, organization) as well as custom data. Most signature services stamp their branded signature format in your document. Why? With PRONTOSignTM you control the full look and feel of your documents - no vendor should steal your thunder.

Better Options

PRONTOSign™ is trusted by some of the largest enterprises and technology service provider companies worldwide. Enterprises like General Motors have deployed over 100 use cases across numerous departments on a single PRONTOSignTM installation. Technology service providers like Paychex have automated complex paperwork processes dealing with all aspects of their business. In Paychex's case, their Human Resources business unit has automated paperwork servicing millions of client employees per year using a single PRONTOSignTM environment.

No Limits

PRONTOSignTM scales effortlessly to address your needs now and in the future. Since its introduction in 2001, no client has ever experienced a volume or throughput limitation. In addition, no client has ever experienced a system outage due to a PRONTOSignTM> software issue. That's impressive - that's PRONTOSignTM.

PRONTOSignTM is available as an on-premise, embedded software solution or as a private cloud SaaS solution. PRONTOSignTM is fully compliant with North American, European, and various Asia Pacific laws and regulations, making it the vendor of choice for businesses with global operations. For more information, click here to view our detailed compliance support.

AlphaTrust provides the most cost effective and highest performance electronic signature workflow orchestration solution available. Call us at +, option 1, or fill out this brief form with a few details and let us show you how we can help you.

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