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Why AlphaTrust

Our solutions easily integrate with existing applications enabling high volume, digital transaction management to reduce costs and dramatically improve the overall customer experience while adhering to strict regulatory and compliance requirements.

  • Fully Customizable User ExperienceOur solutions allow you to easily design the entire user experience to match your application and your specific branding requirements.  You can also customize the signature block having just the signature itself or add a variety of transaction details and customized branding to meet your needs.  You can also implement multiple user experiences and branding per group, or business unit.
  • Complex Workflow Orchestration - Our unique approach permits mutliple, separate documents in a transaction with specific tasks per document assigned to specific participants in the transaction.  This allows different participants to have different views applicable only to them and have their own flowflow rules, yet maintaining the integrity and compliance of the entire document.
  • High Scale, Highest Availability - Our products gracefully scale to process millions of transactions per year on a single instance.   Our customers have never experienced a service affecting outage attributed to a failure in our product.
  • Better Mobile User Experience - When electronically signing documents via mobile devices with a limited screen size, visibility and usability are key.  Our solutions make it easier for the user to enter requested document data and then sign with their finger or stylus.
  • Multiple deployment options to suit your needs - On-premise (embedded) or in our private cloud.
  • Global Legal Compliance - Support for electronic signatures, digital signatures, and legal compliance globally.  For detailed compliance specifications by region, please download our Standards Compliance Product Brief.
  • Global Data Security and Privacy Compliance - Meet your data residency, data privacy, and data protection obligations.  Ask us about options.

AlphaTrust provides the most cost effective and highest performing electronic signature workflow orchestration solutions available.  Call us now at +, option 1, or fill out this brief form with a few details and let us show you how we can help you.

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