Why AlphaTrust?

AlphaTrust pioneered esignature solutions in 1998, and since then our products flawlessly process millions of critical business transactions each year. Download our electronic signature platform selection guide and see if AlphaTrust is right for you.

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AlphaTrust pioneered electronic signature solutions in 1998, and since then our products flawlessly process millions of critical business transactions each year for satisfied customers around the globe in banking, insurance, financial services, state and federal government, among other industries and organizations.

AlphaTrust has taken a holistic platform approach to electronic signature and document process automation – organizations of any size can achieve more control, predictability and speed as you digitize and automate your various document and signature processes.

Why Choose an Electronic Signature Platform versus Typical SaaS Solutions?

A well-designed electronic signature platform can meet your immediate needs and is flexible enough to accommodate future requirements and integrations that are not apparent today. It’s called a platform rather than an application because it provides all the foundational elements required for a wide variety of robust document workflows, rather than a single workflow as with online eSignature services, and it includes out-of-the-box workflows for general needs so it’s productive on day one. An effective platform will offer you the option to use it as (1) software deployed in your data center, (2) embedded as part of your technology stack, or (3) use it as a service, with public and private cloud options. You may in fact need different deployment options for different needs. This flexibility is important. 

The electronic signature platform you choose should:

  • Support both simple and complex workflows with full customization
  • Offer a definable user interface to exactly match existing and future applications and branding needs
  • Have strong support for application connectivity and integration
  • Economically scale to millions of transactions across a virtually unlimited number of workflows and use cases with ultra-low latency for the customer
  • Offer robust security features enabling compartmentalized sharing across business units or organizations
  • Support legal, regulatory, and other compliance requirements in all legal jurisdictions you work with

 AlphaTrust provides the most cost effective and highest performance electronic signature process automation solutions available.  Call us now at +, option 1, or click on the link below and fill out the brief form with a few details and let us show you how we can help you.

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