Services and Support

AlphaTrust offers a wide array of services and product support globally for our valued customers.

For an on-premise deployments of AlphaTrust e-Sign™, AlphaTrust will work closely with you to establish a mutually agreeable project plan that includes the remote installation of AlphaTrust e-Sign™ in your data center. As part of the project plan, AlphaTrust will train you on the operations of the system and will jointly implement the first electronic signature use case for automation. If required, AlphaTrust can fully implement and automate other document processes as needed.

AlphaTrust provides 7 x 24 x 365 Technical Support for Priority 1 (High Severity) support issues. AlphaTrust will respond to Priority 1 (High Severity) incidents in less than one hour. For lower priority issues, technical support is provided during standard business hours via telephone at +, option 2, email at,  for technical assistance and remediation activities.

Please note that AlphaTrust’s customers have never ever experienced a service affecting outage attributed to the current AlphaTrust e-Sign™ solution.

AlphaTrust provides the most cost effective and highest performance electronic signature process automation solutions available.  Call us at +, option 1, or click on the link below and fill out the brief form with a few details and let us show you how we can help you.

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