AlphaTrust solutions are perfect for enterprises automating many simple and complex document transactions across multiple business units or organizations, globally.

AlphaTrust solutions are perfect for enterprises automating many simple and complex document transactions across many business units or organizations, globally. Our solutions give you total control of your esignature environment to easily embed into your existing applications or business processes allowing you to create a seamless user experience.

Our unique approach designs transactions as repeatable workflows. These workflows allow multiple, separate documents in a transaction with specific tasks per document assigned to specific participants in the transaction. This allows different participants to have different views and tasks while maintaining the integrity and compliance of the entire transaction.

Our high performance solutions will provide you the following key benefits:

  • Embeds into existing applications - Our solutions easily embed into your existing business applications or workflows.  With a full suite of powerful APIs, you have full control over every step of the document transaction.
  • Multiple deployment options to suit your needs - on-premise (or embedded), dedicated SaaS, or multi-tenant SaaS.
  • Tailor the user experience to your design, not ours - Our solution easily allows you to fully customize the entire user experience, including each workflow page appearance, page content, and signature block to exactly match your application needs.
  • Easily extendable - We know you have more than one document based transaction.  With our solutions, simply add more workflows.  We’ll handle hundreds of use cases on your secure platform.
  • Global legal compliance - with support for electronic and digital signatures, in addition to legal obligations globally, you will be able to meet your compliance obligations and operate worldwide.
  • Data and security compliance - Meet your data residency, data privacy, and data protection obligations globally.  Ask us about security and deployment options to meet your needs.


“ADP chose AlphaTrust because of the security of the AlphaTrust e-Sign™ solution, AlphaTrust’s proven track record of successful implementations at prominent global companies, and its industry leadership. The ability to prove in court the authenticity and validity of the documents and their associated signatures was also a selling point for ADP’s legal department when they reviewed the company’s options.”

Suzette Godwin-Romer
Senior Director, Worldwide Sales Operations
Automatic Data Processing, Inc.

AlphaTrust provides the most cost effective and highest performance electronic signature process automation solutions available.  Call us at +, option 1, or click on the link below and fill out the brief form with a few details and let us show you how we can help you.

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