Operations and Administration

Discover how easy it is to use AlphaTrust e-Sign™ for all of your electronic signature and document process automation needs.

AlphaTrust e-Sign™ provides the user full control of the features and capabilities of the platform via the user interface, branded the Control Panel.  The Control Panel is organized by the following critical functions and displayed below in Control Panel's top-level dashboard screen shot:

  • Transaction Reports that provide event logging, transaction status, trends, completion rate and customizable reports
  • Process Designer for a graphical interface based workflow designer
  • Account Management including multi-level security access for Groups and Users as well integration with Experian and Lexis Nexis for knowledge based authentication (KBA)
  • Settings for customization of logos, screen styles and email templates to exactly meet specific branding requirements
  • Developer Tools for API-based workflow testing and debugging
  • Process Launch menu
  • Integrated and searchable product documentation for help and tutorials

Operations and Administration-1.png

For a detailed review of the Control Panel's market leading features, functions and flexibility, view the complete AlphaTrust e-Sign™ Operations and Administration documentation.

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