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Most document transactions are still performed manually.

Our mission is to eliminate every need to process paperwork on paper driving significant competitive advantages and efficiencies for our customers. Most document transactions are still performed manually where documents are composed, emailed, printed, signed, scanned, emailed back, collated, distributed and then filed. Imagine the increase in complexity when you have many documents and many signers and reviewers for each document transaction. 

AlphaTrust automates the creation of legally enforceable, permanent business records that are the commercial and legal equivalent of paper records, including support for electronic signatures that comply with laws and regulations around the world. Our solutions easily integrate with your existing applications enabling high volume, document transaction management. This flexible approach has made AlphaTrust the vendor of choice for some of the largest, global businesses across diverse industries.

See why some of the largest companies

in the world choose AlphaTrust.


“By integrating AlphaTrust’s PRONTOSign™ eSignature solution into our re-contracting process, we were able to shorten our processing time from months to just weeks – an estimated savings of more than 90%.”

John Waite
GM E-Sign Manager

General Motors Company

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“ADP chose AlphaTrust because of the security of the PRONTOSign™ solution, AlphaTrust’s proven track record of successful implementations at prominent global companies, and its industry leadership. The ability to prove in court the authenticity and validity of the documents and their associated signatures was also a selling point for ADP’s legal department when they reviewed the company’s options.”

Suzette Godwin-Romer
Worldwide Sales Operations

Automatic Data Processing, Inc.

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"AlphaTrust was there every step of the install process. Our web-based surety bonding system required a best-in-class eSignature solution, and AlphaTrust PRONTOSign™ met our needs extremely well."

Mark Patrick
eCommerce Manager

HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc.

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Why AlphaTrust?  Learn what makes us different.


Complex Workflow Orchestration

Our unique approach permits multiple, separate documents in a transaction with specific tasks per document assigned to specific participants in the transaction.  This allows different participants to have different views applicable to them and having their own workflow rules, yet maintaining the integrity and compliance of the entire document. Now that's complexity made easy.

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High Scale, Highest Availability

Designed from the ground up and field proven to process hundreds of documents with hundreds of reviewers and signers in a single electronic signature transaction.  Now add hundreds more use cases from your various business units to the same platform and that's the scale of our solutions.

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Your Company, Your Branding

Typical SaaS based electronic signature solutions force their branding on your user experience and the signed document's signature block.  Not AlphaTrust.  Our solutions allow you to easily design the entire user experience to perfectly match your application.  You can also customize the signature block having just the signature itself or add a variety of transaction details and customized branding to meet your needs. Why settle for someone else's branding anyway?

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Better Mobile User Experience

When electronically signing documents via a mobile device with limited screen size, visibility and usability are key.  Our solutions use web forms to easily collect applicable document data and then auto-size to full screen to let you sign the document with your finger or stylus.  It doesn't get anymore user friendly than that.

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Our solutions easily integrate with your existing applications and business processes enabling high volume, document transaction management to reduce costs and dramatically improve the overall customer experience.

The markets we serve best.



AlphaTrust solutions are perfect for enterprises automating multiple, complex document transactions across many organizations. Our solutions easily embed into your existing applications and allows a seamless user experience.  Discover more use cases?  Keep adding them onto the same platform.

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Technology Service Providers

When you need to have total control of every aspect of your service offering that touches hundreds of thousands or even millions of your customers per year, avoiding any external connection and dependency is key. Derisk your business with an embedded esignature solution from AlphaTrust.

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