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High Scale, Enterprise Grade

Some of the largest enterprise and technology service provider companies worldwide trust PRONTOSign™ with their most complex business transactions processing millions of electronically signed documents a year using AlphaTrust solutions.  Whether your current document transaction is simple or complex; serving hundreds of users a year or millions, our solutions can help you fully automate and orchestrate the entire process.

Flexibility for Small or Very Large Transactions

PRONTOSign™ provides very fine-grained control of and definition over every aspect of the signing process with many, many options. All document transaction processing centers around the unit of work called the “transaction”. Each transaction in PRONTOSign™ may have one or hundreds of documents, one or hundreds of participants and up to 9,999 tasks associated with it.  Each instance of PRONTOSigncan handle hundreds of different use cases, or document transaction types, providing a future proof solution for all of your document workflow orchestration needs.

Highest Availability

PRONTOSign™ scales effortlessly to address your needs now and in the future. Since it's introduction in 2001, no client has ever experienced a volume or throughput limitation. In addition, no customer has ever experienced a system outage due to a PRONTOSign™ software issue. That's impressive - that's PRONTOSign™.  



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