Present & Sign - Signature Annotation

This demonstration of AlphaTrust e-Sign™ is for a single signer, no authentication, using click to sign with signature annotation placed with the signature block in the completed document which will be delivered via email.

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This demonstration is a simple use case of a single person signing a one page document with signature annotation provided on the completed document. Signature annotation provides a green document icon that will show up next to all signatures in the final PDF document. When clicked on, this icon provides additional signer information such as signer name, title, organization, email address, signing time, and signer's IP address. The below screen shot shows the signature annotation icon at rest on the completed document (left), and the expanded information displayed when you hover or click on the icon (right):

Signature Annotation webpage pict.png
For this demo there is no authentication being used as the user enters the signing process via a public website link. Information is collected from the user includes name, email address, title and organization. Next, there is a disclosure outlining the electronic signature process. The document is then presented for review and is setup for a simple and efficient "click to sign". The signed document is delivered to the user via the email address provided. Please note the document is marked for demo use only and is not enforceable. This workflow completes with a redirect to a custom web page, which is a demo landing page on the AlphaTrust website.

The workflow diagram below summarizes the process of this demonstration:

Worflow Signature Annotation-1.png

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