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Document Process Automation

PRONTOSign™ provides the ultimate flexibility in automating even the most complex document transactions resulting in a fully automated workflow while adhering to the stringent laws and regulations across North America, Europe, and various regions within Asia Pacific. These document transactions include the following functions:

  • Obtaining proper, enforceable electronic signatures on transaction documents and records.
  • Authenticating signers and reviewers (participants)
  • Translating documents and records into human readable formats suitable for archiving, filing, and document retention requirements.
  • Secure distribution of executed documents and transaction records.
  • Archiving of original transaction documents and records including a full audit trail.

Fine-Grained Control and Definition

PRONTOSign™ provides very fine-grained control over and definition of every aspect of the signing process with many, many options. All document transaction-processing centers around the unit of work called the “transaction”. Each transaction in PRONTOSign™ may have one or many documents, participants, and tasks associated with it.

The transaction contains one or many documents that require processing (signing, disclosure, form filling, secure delivery, etc.). Each document may have one or many tasks (up to 9,999) to be performed by participants associated with that document such as Signature, Initial, Acknowledgement, Delivery, or No Action Required.

Even More Flexibility

For additional flexibility, Workflow Actions can be assigned to any document, participant, or task. Workflow Actions are steps during a transaction process that you can insert to accomplish specific operations in advance of, or after a designated event. PRONTOSign™ has several built-in Workflow Actions but you may also create your own custom Workflow Actions to handle specific actions or events that need to be part of the user process and be recorded in the audit trail. The types of actions that might be done in or by a Workflow Action are:

  • Explain the process that a user is about to undertake.
  • Accomplish any required legal disclosures.
  • Collect any required opt-in or opt-out consents.
  • Collect data fields to be added to a static document.
  • Let the user preview the document that will be asked to sign.
  • Extract data fields entered by users in fillable PDF documents and export those to XML for import into other data repositories.
  • Subscribe to be notified of events that occur during the transaction process.

Optimal Customer Experience

This control allows you to easily design the optimal customer experience including having different views applicable to each participant and with each having their own workflow rules (even seeing only documents applicable to them), yet maintaining the integrity and compliance of the entire document and overall transaction. That’s powerful — that’s PRONTOSign™.

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