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Better Mobile Experience

When electronically signing documents via mobile devices with a limited screen size, visibility and usability are key.  Our solutions make it easier for the user to enter requested document data and then sign with their finger or stylus. 


Easier to Sign On the Go

Our user interface provides easy to use navigation buttons and automatically adapts to the available screen size and permits the capture of “hand-written” signatures via your finger or stylus on the smartphone, tablet, and touch enabled laptops. No matter what device type, it just knows.




Supports More Devices

Our solutions support the broadest range of smartphones and tablets including Apple iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry OS devices.





Faster Data Entry

Our solutions use customizable web forms to collect document data (for example name, title, email address, etc.) for electronically signing documents via a mobile devices. With limited screen size, visibility and usability is key.  Of course the experience with our solutions is also great on desktop devices such as PCs and Macs as well.


AlphaTrust provides the most cost effective and highest performance electronic signature workflow orchestration solutions available.  Call us at +, option 1, or fill out this brief form with a few details and let us show you how we can help you.

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